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New Carlisle
First United
Methodist Church

220 S. Main Street

New Carlisle, OH 45344


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Our History...

In truth, Methodism in the New Carlisle community goes back many years and is filled with the labors of dedicated servants of God.  This brief sketch will, hopefully, put our Methodist ties into a proper perspective.

Methodists in the New Carlisle community (then called "Monroe") first began meeting in a structure setting in 1817.  As small groups, they met in individual homes for worship and Bible study.  The first church building was constructed in 1820; and was referred to as "the meeting house".  It was built on the same corner where our present church buildings now stand; and was a very simple frame structure.  In the early years, the church body was served by itinerant preachers (circuit riders) who came every four weeks or so and preached, conducted worship, and counseled with the church members.

As the community and church grew in population across the years, the need for more worship and study space became evident.  Many renovations and remodeling projects have brought our physical facilities to the worship resources we enjoy today (1999).  In 1854, a new brick building replaced the original building.  An Annex was built in 1915, and was replaced by the Education Section in 1954.  The purchase of an adjacent property in 1966 paved the way for the construction of a new sanctuary, our present one; and this sanctuary was completed in 1971 (dedicated along with Wesley Hall upon financial completion in 1983).  In 1987, an adjoining building (across Madison Street) was acquired and renovated as a Family Center, especially as a resource for Youth and for activities more comfortable in a less formal setting.  In 1989, the most recent and major renovation project was completed.  This project involved the complete remodeling of the "old sanctuary" which had been more or less abandoned since 1971.  New educational classrooms were added as well as conference rooms, library room, increased and improved office space, and a lovely Chapel for small groups to worship or study.

In Psalms 16:6, the psalmist reflects on his good ancestry; and proclaims with much gratitude--" The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage".  We can easily relate to this affirmation.  Indeed we do have a wonderful place for worship, study, and ministry to the spiritual needs of not only our local church congregation but to the church-at-large as well.  One big challenge of Christian stewardship is to maintain this rich heritage and pass it on to the generations that will follow, so that they, too, can proclaim this same "goodly heritage" we enjoy.